Stay Cool.

Focus on Skin Cooling

Feel the difference by lowering your skin temperature WITHOUT IRRITATION

Super Cool Facial Mask Sheet

Start of healthy skin, focus on skin cooling

Firm cooling care manages skin fever, the fundamental cause of skin issues, without stimulation.

Super Cool Facial Ampoule

The higher skin temperature, the more sensitive skin becomes

  • Fine dust

  • Mask wearing

  • Seasonal change

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Various skin fever stimuli can affect our skin barrier
and cause pore sagging and skin elasticity to decrease.

*Quotation from a journal on the correlation between fever and skin
Heat Shock-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-1
and MMP-3 Are Mediated through ERK and JNK Activation
and via an Autocrine Interleukin-6 Loop

  • 2004 by The Society for Investigative Dermatology

Pleasant cooling sensation proven by real reviews

  • "I've never experienced this kind of cooling"

    6 months of use


    I had hives rising up periodically when my skin temperature goes up.
    I started using Menthology with doubts when I heard it reduces
    skin temperature by cooling without any irritation.
    The product definitely calms down my sensitive skin that breakout easily.
    The cooling will last very long without refrigerated.


  • "The redness has improved a lot!!"

    3 months of use


    I usually get redness with my skin with a lot of heat. This has a cool menthol scent!

    It is made with reliable ingredients, so I feel more secure. It is so cool and the skin heat is managed, so the skin feels firm and clear :)


  • "Only focused on lowering skin temperature"

    4 weeks of use


    By lowering the skin temperature,
    my skin allergic reaction improved gradually.

    Now I can take care of my skin with Menthology products
    without using antihistamines
    or steroid ointment when not severe.


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  • With Menthology, Ms. Lee's skin changes

    This is a photo of Ms. Lee's skin after using the entire menthology product for 14 days.