Furnishings & Lifestyle

The Haven Place USA Story

We are Haven Place USA, a supplier of wholesale home furnishings and lifestyle products in the US and around the world.

We started this business three years ago as an eco-friendly mattress company and have since expanded into home furnishings and lifestyle products. Our wide range of practical and beautiful products, and our innovative services in these ever-increasing markets are an important resource for many buyers and businesses, large and small, throughout the world.

Our diverse product selection offers you the flexibility to sell the products that work well with your needs and leave you free to grow your business. For OEM and private label orders, we can manufacture any of our products under your brand name, manufacture and design your products with current innovation, and print your brand and logo on the packaging as per your requirements. If you are looking for a product that we currently do not have, just give us a call and we are happy to help!

Our story at Haven Place USA starts with our name, which is inspired by our dedication to help create a haven in every space whether it be residential or commercial. Haven is the place where there are no negative distractions bringing happiness and rest into lives and where we are free to experience peace of mind and self-contentment. With this in mind, we have kept our outlook on comfort and safety with each product and service, along with modest prices to keep a haven in reach to every wholesale home furnishing business and customer.

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B2B Program

Completing small and large projects are made easy with our wide array of high quality products, excellent pricing, quick and seamless deliveries, and dedicated customer service.

For retailers, we are committed in providing the stability for selling our products to your customers by-and-large and we help you cut down on your overhead and shipping costs.


Wholesale Home FURNISHINGS & Lifestyle Products 

Haven Place USA offers and promotes positive change with its products that are calming, relaxing, fun, refreshing, safe, durable, comfortable, and reliable at the very best modest prices you are looking for.

When it comes to home furnishing and lifestyle product, comfort and safety are paramount and our customers look for low prices, high quality, and timely deliveries.

At Haven Place USA, we provide the ultimate solution for you or your business, offering the very best in quality, durability, comfort, and affordability, all with quick delivery and drop shipping options. Our wholesale business dedicates in providing the Rest, Relax and Restore lifestyle qualities that extends to our customer service and prompt deliveries.

Our lifestyle products include all your everyday and practical items that contribute to your special haven and individual living throughout your home, office, and commercial space. We also have liquidation and promotional products available for our customers offered in our stock promo and close out categories.


Manufacturing Options

At Haven Place USA in Gardena, our innovative products and services solve problems in conventional ways and don’t shift paradigms.

Focusing on the needs of our customers is our number one priority, therefore we customize resolutions based on every buying need, assisting you from beginning to end, every step of the way!

We work closely with manufacturing allies encompassing good business practices and focus on aligning our services with customer needs, prioritizing sales objectives that maximize value, offering excellent customer service and product support.

Our services include OEM, private label, and contract manufacturing with the flexibility and customization you need. We provide individuals, trade and hospitality, and large retail chains with product volume needed anytime, anywhere at excellent prices.

Simply The Best Wholesale Home Furnishings & Lifestyle Products

Contact us today with your questions or concerns, or to find out how we can help you with wholesale home furnishings or lifestyle products! We are always happy to provide before and after product and delivery support and assistance when you need it. Our dedicated team members are quick to answer any inquiry you may have.