Super Cool Collection

Feel the difference by lowering your skin temperature WITHOUT IRRITATION

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Stay Cool.

Focus on Skin Cooling

Feel the difference by lowering your skin temperature WITHOUT IRRITATION

Super Cool Mask Sheet

Skin Perfecting


Contain 1,000ppm of cooling patent ingredients that help to effectively manage skin heat and protect skin barriers by helping release heat.

Super Cool Calming Pad

Start of healthy skin, focus on skin cooling

Firm cooling care manages skin fever, the fundamental cause of skin issues, without stimulation.

Super Cool Ampoule


  • Mentha aquatica extract

    Soothing, Refreshing
    Skin condition care

  • TECA

    Soothing & Skin barrier protection

  • Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract

    Soothing / Skin Protection

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menthol + -ology

Our name comes from the main cooling ingredient Menthol combined with the thorough research and science we wanted to uncover through our product, thus creating the name Menthology. We are the study of Menthol, the study of science, and the study of beauty.

The Korean slogan, " 피부열에 집중하다" translates to “skincare that focuses on the skin heating.” Clinically formulated from Korea, Menthology prides in our research oriented towards the skin's temperature. At our lab, our dermatologists have tested and came up with a lightweight hydrating product that brings a cooling sensation. Packed with natural ingredients, the product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Dermatologist approved.

We have spent 3 years researching and 440 days at our clinic in Korea formulating a cooling technology to regulate the skin temperature. All skin concerns are rooted from the temperature of the skin which correlates to inflammation, bloating, and oil production from pores.